Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sleepless in Seattle...I mean in the Amphone house

Another rough night. I thought it was only supposed to be rough like the first 2-3 months with kids but not mine. Micah is feeling a little better but still feeling pretty hot.

Ong/Ba Ngoai called to invite us to Thanksgiving dinner next week and they wanted to talk to Kenzie on the phone. She sang her alphabet song to them then Micah was crying for the phone. He's so cute he'll hold the phone with the back of the speaker facing his ear and just act like he's talking away an intelligent conversation. Just to kill some time playing with the kids, I got out my old Hawaiin lei's and outfit I made for Halloween like 4 years ago and had Kenzie dress up in it. Of course took lots of pictures...she loved it so much, she didn't want to change out of it. Then we worked on the little mini house scrapbook for her based on the free mini class instructions posted at TSR. She picked out the papers and photos she wanted to use, purple is still her favorite color.

I'll be out at a Tax Conference on Thursday and Friday for the entire day so I probably won't be back to update my blog until the weekend or Monday. This weekend we're going to a birthday party for Mimi. Which reminds me I better stop and get a gift today.


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