Friday, November 9, 2007

Happy B-day

Happy Birthday Honey, yep Lam is the big 3-4 today!

He's never liked to celebrate his b-days so I don't have anything special planned. He's been craving pumpkin pie so I'll stop after work & get him one and stick a few candles on so the kids can blow them out for him. I gave him his present this morning, some new cologne.

Last night we rolled out the carpet remnant in the utility room that I cleaned up over the weekend. I'm wanting to use it as my practice studio. Bought a cheap curtain $9.99 from Wally's for the backdrop and the kids ran around and posed for me. The set up is great except the lighting is so poor in there. Another item I'm putting down for santa is either an umbrella light or softbox. But this comes after I find a decent deal on a flash. This photography hobbie of mine is worse than scrapbooking! Everything costs sooo much.

While we were still in the utility room, I decided to set up the Christmas tree and maybe do an early shoot for my christmas cards this year. Kenzie starts to whine and cry telling me she doesn't want the tree, put it away. I think she's actually scared of it. Lam told me she was scared of all the santas and xmas decorations the last time he brought her to Lowes. Oh my, this will be a crazy holiday. I will be very sad if I can't decorate my house for xmas because I've got tons of stuff and it's my favorite time of year to decorate.

We hit the gym after work yesterday. It's been since April since we did that. I really hate running with a passion but I guess I can say I felt better when I was done. Today will be day 2. I'm resolved to lose 5 lbs before the end of the year. Let's see how far I get.

This morning I put on some pantyhose and a suit to wear to work. Makenzie was touching my legs and asking me what is that Mommy? Then of course she said "I want to wear pantyhose" It's 40 degrees outside and I"m helping her take off your cozy sweats and put on a dress and pantyhose so she can look like me. I'm just glad she still had a pair. I stopped buying dresses for her because she got into a stage where she hated wearing them. And usually she wants to wear something just like what I have on but there's nothing similar in her dresser so we go on a crying spout. Micah was up early at 6:30am pulling out her swimsuit and trying to pull it down over his head.

I was late to work again. But this time only by a few minutes. Just go glad it's Friday.


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