Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mail Day

Last night I rec'd a huge box on our front doorstep. It was the toys I bought for my cousin's boys from Young Explorers. Now I know why they charged me $14.99 for S&H, the box was huge and the stuff inside only occupied like 30% of it. Why do they do that? One item in the box was supposed to be for Micah's xmas gift but Kenzie was whining for her DAd when he wasn't home yet. I wasn't in the mood to deal with it from sleep deprevation accumulating over the last 2 days so I made a promise w/ her. I would open the handyman drill set and let her play with it only if she shares with her brother. Of course she agrees to it and of course she DOESN'T share with Micah. Poor little brother.

Was flipping thru my Jan '08 issue of CK and decided to check out the SOY's blog. Very interesting read and I really like her layouts. I love the outfit she wore on the cover of the magazine because of the cool color schemes. Now I'm thinking I want to get rid of the awful purple/yellow paint in my scraproom and turn it into the cool muted blue/orange/beige colors. I would have to take a 2 week vacation in order to move everything out of the way just to tape up the room but I can wish for now and start sketching ideas. I also signed myself up for a free issue of the magazine since this was one place she got her inspiration from.

Kids are both still sick. It was 30 minute intervals around the clock last night waking up coughing and crying. I was loosing my patience and started getting mad at them, now I feel bad, they were just hurting and uncomfortable. Please pray that I'll have the patience to be a good mom tonight and be soothing and help lessen their pains. I also called my mom to see how her job in the new dept was going, she said she hated it. I pray it gets better for her.


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