Thursday, October 29, 2009

November TSR

This month's TSR kit has so many fun fall colors. My favorite would have to be Cosmo Cricket's Earth Love. The chipboard pieces in the embellishment kit were too cute! I used it for my baby Pax layout.

Loved the swirls in the stamp kit. I cut the flower out from the cardstock sticker in the BoBunny kit and added the flower pearls for the center

Monday, October 26, 2009

Pumpkin carving

The kids picked out what shapes they wanted me to carve for them. Micah chose the "mad" face he calls it:

Makenzie wanted the Haunted house which was too intricate and took too much time for me so I left out most of the details...there were a dozen more windows on it.

The idea for this card was from Scrapbooks ETC site. The kids love to play with my scrap supplies. Kenzie has a whole bucket of cards that she has made cuz everytime I'm in my scraproom, she wants to make something. So this was something fun we could do together....she helped punch out all the circles.

Little Pax is 5 months old now, he is quite the thumb sucker and loves to put everything in his mouth. He doesn't like to sleep for very long in his crib anymore so night time is still a struggle. He's been laughing out loud quite a bit, not just smiling but really laughing so it's fun to make silly faces at him just to hear it.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Catfish and Applejack

I love October, I love the falling leaves, the cooler weather, and the Halloween excitement from the kids. Got my decorations up.

This is a drawing Makenzie drew of Mommy holding Paxton back in June...i have it on my list to scrapbook.

Makenzie had already learned to write her name this summer. I was very surprised when I saw her jotting it down on paper one evening because last year on all her classwork, the teacher always wrote her name for her. But now that she is in the 4yr old preschool, they make the kids write their own names. I feel kinda bad she has sooo many letters. This is what happens when there isn't enough room on the line for her.....(she writes her name perfectly fine when there is plenty of space)

We took the kids back to Apple Jack pumpkin patch this weekend. Micah loved laying in the corn box.

It was so windy and cold, we left Pax in the stroller under the shed most of the time..he sat there licking the zipper on his jacket.

Awwww...Makenzie's first soccer game went well. Out of 19 kids, only six showed up that night cuz it was so cold. So they played a game of 3 on 3...the catfish vs. the ballerinas. Kenzie was stuck on the team with 2 boys and when the coach asked them to pick a team name...any animal they wanted...the little boy on her team yelled "catfish!" She was so excited when she made a goal.

I haven't done much scrapbooking all month...just not enough time. This is a card from a challenge to start with a pre-made card and alter it up. I used the background polka dots from an old thank you card and turned it into this.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

the GREEN pumpkin

Paxton's first taste of rice cereal. He nibbled and tried a few spoonfuls but the second time, he wouldn't even open his mouth and gave me a scrunched up face.

It's starting to get cold here so PJ's with footsies is a must. Too bad cuz I know he would be trying to suck his toes right about now.

The first one Micah picked up....

...then changed his mind for a green one.

3 yr checkup

I took Micah to the pediatrician for his 3 year checkup yesterday. He hates to go to the doctor because he thinks it's the dentist and he did not have a very good visit the last time. I had to lie and say we're going to the pumpkin patch (which we did afterwards) He's weighing in at 38lbs, 97 percentile in weight and 90's in height so he's right on track the nurse says. He had to get undressed down to his undies and he did not like it. Whining the whole time to put his clothes back on. So nurse Wendy asks him a list of questions and this is response:

How old are you?
a: three (this was shocking since on his bday everyone was asking him the same thing and he argued and argued with them that he was turning two)

What color is mommy's shirt?
a: yellow (it was actually kinda orange but he got it right)

Who do you play with?
a: Mimi, Kelvin, Phoma, and Dara (left out his sister and baby brother but got the cousins correct)

What are you going to do at the pumpkin patch?
a: pick out a big big pumpkin for mama (he ended up picking the tinyest "green" pumpkin from the patch)

Photos to follow soon.

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