Monday, February 23, 2009

Go Horsey & Shades

Just a couple more layouts. This was Mixer #7 challenge posted at Mix it up where you had to use multiple photos, 5 PP, diecut, the title is a phrase, handmade embellie and the sketch was optional. I had lots of fun with this one.

This layout was made from a challenge at color Combos Galore using the combination of colors: navy blue, clay, persimmon (orangey-red), and poolside blue. I pulled out a sheet of paper from a very old SL kit, safrass lass, and a current TSR kit, MM. It was fun to experiment with different papers and i like the result.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Productive Crop

I went to Scrapfunattic's crop from 5:30-12pm on Friday and had such a productive night. I went alone but made some really cool friends, there was a gal there named Joni that cracked me up the entire night. Gotta love ladies who aren't embarrased to sing to a group of strangers while they crop away. I came home the kids were sleeping so I worked for another hour finishing up on journaling. Here are the results:

This is TSR's OA line, love it! I typed the journaling for these two pages a month ago.
- You still drink 2% milk from a bottle
- You’re not keen on the potty training idea yet
- You wouldn’t last an hour without your thumb
- You are #1 Thomas train fan, you even pray for choo choo train at night
- You repeat a lot of what your sister says, such as “you make me sad”
- You can count to five
- You are wild and funny and rambunctious
- You’ve been taking gymnastics for 4 months now and love it
- You beg to sleep at grandma’s house every now and then
- Your vocabulary has tripled in this last year
- You are a picky eater preferring cinnamon toast crunch cereal, only the
marshmallows out of lucky charms, and cocoa pebbles to any rice dish
- You love bubble tea
- You make this little squinting facial expression that’s just the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.
- You want to play soccer like your cousin Phoma
- You can climb into your own car seat
- You always ask Ba Ngoai to make you cake
- You are my jumping bean, always hopping around and running thru the house
- You had your 1st dentist appt this year and have a cavity on your front tooth
- You love to nite nite with mommy but love to watch horsey racing with daddy
- YOU make me happy, I love you.

I actually did Kenzie's page first and decided to just copy the design for Micah, same journaling so why wrack my brain for a different design? The color inspiration was from this blog: Color Combos Galore, using color combo #110

- You still snuggle with your blankie for comfort, it used to be the pink one with butterflies but now it’s the pink one with a teddy bear
- Your most irritating catch phrase is “Say sorry to me, why are you still madding mommy? I want to see you happy”
- You still give me big bear hugs everyday when I pick you up after work
- You can count to ten but can’t say the entire alphabet yet
- You think every letter M you see is your name and a W is upside down
- You love to take baths with bubbles and wear your goggles
- You have a hate/hate relationship with your winter coat mommy bought you
- You wear a size 13 Hello Kitty shoe and pink crocs
- You’re only 3 but wear size 6/7 toddler clothing
- You rarely take naps anymore except on Tue/Thur after preschool
- You love to give mommy’s tummy a hug and talk to your baby brother
- You sleep on the top bunk bed on most nights but with your Daddy every now and then
- You will try and eat anything
- You love to watch iCarly and Drake & Josh
- You love to play doctor & pretend you’re sick
- You can ride your bicycle to the park and back
- You told me you wanted to be a good scrapbooker just like mommy when you grow up
- You are still shy yet very stubborn and determined to have your way
- You fight with your brother constantly but also help him out all the time
- You make me happy, I love you

This is the title page of an All About Me album I'm starting. I have separate albums for each of the kids: Kenzie is Pink, Micah is Green and our family is Black, so now my pages will be in Red. I use the cheap ole HL AC 3 ring binders, love the ease in adding refills! This is a pagemaps sketch.

I love this AC Romance line of papers. At the crop I tried out the storybook cricut cartridge to cut out the hearts, isn't it cool?! I told myself I would not buy another cartridge after getting the SCAL but this would be on top of my list. This sketch is #10 from Inspired Blueprints

And this is sketch #9 also from Inspired Blueprints, using TSR's tinkering ink kit

This is sketch #7 from 52 sketches in 52 weeks

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Vday weekend

Was trying to get a self portrait with the timer set for an all about me page but the kids wanted to be in on the pic also

My girlfriends took me out to lunch at Yia Yias, we exchanged cards and I made them each a layout. It turned out to be my favorite ones...i was up til 3am finishing them the night before. (oh and when I came home from having lunch, Kenzie asks me where I've been and tells me "momma, you look super duper cute!" almost broke my heart when she said that since my DH once again did nothing for me, not even a card this year...gotta love daughters)

This is the title page for my 2009 month in review album...lifted from the talented Brenda Carpenter

I altered some prima flower boxes to hold these hershey kisses for the kids.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fun Mail

I love having scrappy friends....just rec'd this in the mail. Isn't it the coolest gift?! Can't wait to use the flowers and butterflies on a page.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Recent pics and a new look

Did you notice I changed my blog header for the first time? Gotta Love Target!! It's a placemat they had orginally for a buck 30 cents on sale for additional 30% off so I couldn't resist getting one for my scrap desk.

The kids displaying their valentine's boxes, Micah is completely potty trained except for night week diaper free! Yeah!, and a few from the park this Saturday.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Cards Galore

Been making some cards for a cardswap I'm in plus a set of mother's day cards to send to a friend of mine whose husband is in the marines.

A lift from Elizabeth Kartcher's layout, fun circles.

This was a direct lift from a layout by Valerie Salmon published in ETC, I loved it so much I had to lift it.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Daily December

Here's my daily december mini album, this was based off of Ali Edward's idea. A snapshot of each day in December leading up to xmas. Ok, grrrr, just realized that my scanner didn't change the orientation of the page for me and since that took me 1 hour just to scan and it's past midnight, I'll have to fix it another time so just cock your head to the side and it should look fine.

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