Saturday, February 21, 2009

Productive Crop

I went to Scrapfunattic's crop from 5:30-12pm on Friday and had such a productive night. I went alone but made some really cool friends, there was a gal there named Joni that cracked me up the entire night. Gotta love ladies who aren't embarrased to sing to a group of strangers while they crop away. I came home the kids were sleeping so I worked for another hour finishing up on journaling. Here are the results:

This is TSR's OA line, love it! I typed the journaling for these two pages a month ago.
- You still drink 2% milk from a bottle
- You’re not keen on the potty training idea yet
- You wouldn’t last an hour without your thumb
- You are #1 Thomas train fan, you even pray for choo choo train at night
- You repeat a lot of what your sister says, such as “you make me sad”
- You can count to five
- You are wild and funny and rambunctious
- You’ve been taking gymnastics for 4 months now and love it
- You beg to sleep at grandma’s house every now and then
- Your vocabulary has tripled in this last year
- You are a picky eater preferring cinnamon toast crunch cereal, only the
marshmallows out of lucky charms, and cocoa pebbles to any rice dish
- You love bubble tea
- You make this little squinting facial expression that’s just the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.
- You want to play soccer like your cousin Phoma
- You can climb into your own car seat
- You always ask Ba Ngoai to make you cake
- You are my jumping bean, always hopping around and running thru the house
- You had your 1st dentist appt this year and have a cavity on your front tooth
- You love to nite nite with mommy but love to watch horsey racing with daddy
- YOU make me happy, I love you.

I actually did Kenzie's page first and decided to just copy the design for Micah, same journaling so why wrack my brain for a different design? The color inspiration was from this blog: Color Combos Galore, using color combo #110

- You still snuggle with your blankie for comfort, it used to be the pink one with butterflies but now it’s the pink one with a teddy bear
- Your most irritating catch phrase is “Say sorry to me, why are you still madding mommy? I want to see you happy”
- You still give me big bear hugs everyday when I pick you up after work
- You can count to ten but can’t say the entire alphabet yet
- You think every letter M you see is your name and a W is upside down
- You love to take baths with bubbles and wear your goggles
- You have a hate/hate relationship with your winter coat mommy bought you
- You wear a size 13 Hello Kitty shoe and pink crocs
- You’re only 3 but wear size 6/7 toddler clothing
- You rarely take naps anymore except on Tue/Thur after preschool
- You love to give mommy’s tummy a hug and talk to your baby brother
- You sleep on the top bunk bed on most nights but with your Daddy every now and then
- You will try and eat anything
- You love to watch iCarly and Drake & Josh
- You love to play doctor & pretend you’re sick
- You can ride your bicycle to the park and back
- You told me you wanted to be a good scrapbooker just like mommy when you grow up
- You are still shy yet very stubborn and determined to have your way
- You fight with your brother constantly but also help him out all the time
- You make me happy, I love you

This is the title page of an All About Me album I'm starting. I have separate albums for each of the kids: Kenzie is Pink, Micah is Green and our family is Black, so now my pages will be in Red. I use the cheap ole HL AC 3 ring binders, love the ease in adding refills! This is a pagemaps sketch.

I love this AC Romance line of papers. At the crop I tried out the storybook cricut cartridge to cut out the hearts, isn't it cool?! I told myself I would not buy another cartridge after getting the SCAL but this would be on top of my list. This sketch is #10 from Inspired Blueprints

And this is sketch #9 also from Inspired Blueprints, using TSR's tinkering ink kit

This is sketch #7 from 52 sketches in 52 weeks


fchild313 said...

Wow you got so much done and they are all so pretty. I love the cover page for your own album. I started one last year and it's been a wonderful experience.

jamie said...

sweet layouts...glad i stopped by. you have been busy doin' lots of fun stuff. good for you. looks as though you just love it.
have a great week!

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