Monday, October 27, 2008


I have not one but two big secrets I've been holding in and can't share until the end of the week.

Let's see what has all happened this month? We went to visit my baby nephew 2 weeks ago. It was the kid's first airplane ride and they did such a great job! Kenzie went through a life changing point....she's given up her blankie! She has this little fuzzy warm blanket with flowers and butterflies that we got at Walmart when she was born. She is 3 1/2 now and has not gone a day without it. She must have it with her when she naps and sleeps and even throughout the day. But while we were in Colorado visiting her 4 week old cousin, she was talked into leaving her blankie there in the crib for baby Koen. I thought she was just playing along for fun but she was really serious and hasn't asked for it since. It is so nice to not have to tote it along everywhere we go. There's been plenty of days where I've forgotten to bring it home from grandma's house when we pick her up after work and we had to make a late night trip back to the house to get it for her. Now if we can just give up that thumb sucking.

Lam's sister Bouavone got married a week ago. Lam's cousin took this picture of us.

Tomorrow is Kenzie's halloween party at school. I'm taking half the day off to help with the activities. She's also going in for 3 fillings on Wednesday so hopefully that goes by painless for her.

Micah's favorite phrase lately:
"I...Do....NOT" or "No...I...NOT" and each word is really stressed - used when we try to tell him he's stinky and needs a shower or when he's being bad

My nephew left for Houston with his mom and dad yesterday for the bone marrow transplant. Extra prayers that the surgery goes well and cures his leukemia.

I haven't read any non crafty books since I discovered the world of scrapbooking but I started to read the twilight series a few weeks ago and I'm already finished with books 1, 2, and 3. The final one should be arriving from Amazon this week. Such a great series, who would have known a story about teenagers and vampires could be so interesting. I can't believe my 11 yr old nephew read all four and liked it also. Can't wait for the movie coming out next month.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Micah's Birthday

It was all about the cake, this boy LOVES his grandma's homebaked cakes. Actually he just likes the whipped creme and strawberries. We had 32 people show up for his party of which 11 were kids. I had thomas the train goody bags that came with a conductor hat, whistle, hankerchief, thomas train tatoos, foam picture train to assemble, and a few candy treats. I love ordering things from Oriental much cheaper than in town. His Aunt Kim/Uncle Ryan got him a set of Thomas books and he loves for me to read it. He knows all the train's names. Just a few other presents, a construction set from uncle Joe, a formal suit and packages of diapers from Ba Khoa and the rest was about $500 in cash that is going straight into his college fund. We didn't get him anything...I ran out of time but it seems we spoil the kids too much when it isn't their birthday. So we'll just transfer more money into his savings account and he'll never know the difference since xmas is just around the corner.

Friday, October 3, 2008

2 & 3

With Micah having his official birthday this week we now have a house filled with 2 and 3 year old. The party isn't until this Sunday so no new pictures to share yet. Kenzie had her very first dentist appointment on Wednesday. She was a great trooper, I didn't know if she would be scared or not but she sat very still and cooperated the entire time. I had to leave the room when they xrayed her and was stuck in the toy room with Micah during her whole cleaning and it didn't even bother her. But the bad news is she has to go back for 3 fillings. We are totally at fault since I don't reinforce brushing and flossing every night and we let her have too much candy. At least I know to start doing better now.

Yesterday at preschool she got to be leader of the day. She was so super excited. She got to bring a show n tell, bring and pass out snacks for all 16 students, and I guess be first in line. For snacks she brought pretzel sticks dunk'ems and for her show n tell she brought her big pink dinosaur that we got her at the TREX build a dino at KC last weekend. The teacher gave her a beaded bracelet and she was so happy to show it off. I'm just so glad she's finally enjoying school.

Micah is just Micah. I still have to wrestle with the boy after each bath. As soon as I towel him dry and place him down he starts sprinting off into the living room making me hunt him down to put his diaper & clothes on. He loves to repeat the phrase "You naked! Ewwww!" It was cute & funny at home but not so funny when he says it in public at the grocery store when there's noone that is.

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