Wednesday, July 29, 2009


My poor baby had his set of 2 month shots last Friday. At 2 weeks he was up to 8lbs, now he is 12lbs 7oz. The boy doesn't have problems eating! Can you believe his sister was 5oz heavier at his age? She's 61 lbs now. We were at my mom's house this weekend and she put up her arm to grandma's arm and said, look ba ngoai, I'm almost as big as you. I think I need to enroll her in YMCA soccer or dance this fall, the gymnastics wasn't giving her enough exercise.

At my mom's it looked like Micah was chewing a big wad of bubble gum cuz his cheeks was just chomping away so I asked him what he was eating cuz I didnt' see anyone give it to him. And he replys bubblegum pretend...and it was pretend. And yesterday his Aunt Trinh from TX took the kids to the zoo and let them pick out a toy at the gift shop. He ended up with this spinning thing and I saw three in his bag. She told me he wanted one for mommy, one for daddy and one for ca ca. He has no qualms about speaking his mind. My aunt Bac Huan was smiling at him when she saw him sucking his thumb and he told her...what so funny? What are you laughing about?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Back from Vacation

Just trying to catch up, we spent two weeks in Florida with my sisters. Went to the beach, Acquatica, Disney's Magic Kingdom, and swimming. Too many photos to edit and process so it'll take me a while but here's a glimpse.

Paxton's baptism was the last week of June.

I thought my blog header needed a change since I'm no longer preggo. Karen Russell was so sweet to share the file she created for her blog.

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