Sunday, January 31, 2010

New layouts to share

The start of a new month and that means I have new layouts to share. I love getting the Scrap-Room kits on my front doorstep each month. And February's kits were so much fun. If you want to order yours, go to

Here Makenzie was laying in the grass on the side of our house pretending to be Bella of Twilight...haha...

My little Pax, now that he's standing and walking along furniture, I just realized how tall he is and had to lower his crib.

Kenzie and her cousin Yen from a trip to Cali last fall to visit my Uncle when he had his 10 year celebration in the priesthood. The pics were taken in the parking lot at our Little Saigon Hotel.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Took this picture of the kids at the doctor's office last week when i took them all in for their H1N1 shots. They had the option of getting it through the regular needle or the mist. Micah chose the mist, he was smart. Kenzie on the other hand loves getting shots (my totally weird kid) and chose the needle. She didn't even flinch. On her regular annual visits, she even asks for shots and gets jealous when Paxton gets 3 or 4 doses every 3 months.

And a page I did with pictures from our Florida trip last summer. I tried out the misting, wish it was a brighter blue, this artic blue looks almost black.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


What I thought would be a two day project turned into a 2 week project. Well, that's what happens when you have only 15 minute increments to work. These felt pillows turned out cute, my nephew even wanted me to make him one. The instructions were found at the purlbee. I chose these colors so that they could go with any of my furniture pieces.

1) My master bedroom

2) Sitting area

3) or Sofa sectional

and a closer look...

The cost in material was even a bargain. I lucked out and got most of it all on sale. I made 4 separate trips to the store though cuz I wasn't sure how much I needed. And I was going to cover existing pillows but they were too big in size.

1/2 yard red felt - $3.00 regular price @ HL
1/2 yard creme felt - $1.25 used 50% coupon at JoAnn's
1/2 yard dark brown felt - $1.25 with coupon
1/2 yard white muslin - .75 with coupon
1/2 yard tan felt - $2.25 on sale 30% off
1 box of stuffing - $9.00 reg price at walmart with enough for 6 pillows
Total price coming to $17.50, so only $5.83 each.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Super cute Pillows

Yay! A three day weekend coming up! Kenzie has a birthday party to go to on Sunday. This will be the 3rd party she's been invited to from her preschool friends. She always mentions this girl and tells me she's her best friend along with two other people but when she wasn't listening the other day I pulled out the mommy stern voice and said, "If you don't go take a shower right now, you are NOT going to Gianna's party on Sunday!" and she replys to me in her sassy voice..."well, I don't care, I don't like her, she doesn't even talk to me anymore" LOL, man you just can't win. She even told me she wasn't going to time out unless I carried her to her room.

She usually is my good little helper especially with Paxton, she will watch him for me and play with him all the time. She goo goos and ga gas baby talk to him and he just thinks it's hilarious and laugh at her. Last night we got started on decorating her valentines box that she will bring to school.

And on the crafty agenda for this weekend besides getting started on my layout assignments for the scrap-room is to make these felt pillows.

A friend linked me up to this site:
Purl Bee. I've been searching all over the stores for some throw pillows for our couch and haven't found anything I like. I'm in love with these though so I hope they turn out how I'm envisioning it. Will report back. Chiao

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Drop it Modern has some really cool backdrops. They're currently doing a drawing for a free give away on MCP actions blog and all you have to do is post your favorite. Check out the site Drop it Modern.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2010 Goals

I think my goal to loose weight has been a repeat every year for the last 10 years. Since I never make progress on it, I've decided to set myself some new attainable ones.

1) Declutter - A house with 3 kids can accumulate a LOT of toys and stuff! I purchased 6 plastic tubs from Target over the xmas break and have plans to pick up each night and get the kids in the routine of helping me clean up now that they are a bit older. Although at 3 and 4, they still prefer to dump the toys out then help pick up and I often have to ask five times and withhold priveledges before they agree to help. I'm also known to be a bad packrat and am learning to either pitch it or drop off at the goodwill if it's not in use.

2) Photography - I want to learn how to use my external flash and get better at metering. I've found a good on-line tutorial, just got to make myself read through all the material and practice, practice!

3) Routines - my kids are still night owls, they can stay up later than I can and often don't sleep til past 11pm. I'm going to have to set some rules, like no tv after 9 and floss, floss, floss. Had to throw the last bit in cuz I just forget to do it for them everynight.

4)Lastly, I want to journal more. So many of my layouts just record dates and simple sentences of who,what, when, & where. I want to remember the stories, the feelings, and all those special moments that only we can tell. I completed over 200 pages in 2009 and here's my first page for the year. Based on a sketch by the talented Julie Bonner. I love her stuff.

Friday, January 1, 2010

January TSR

Handmade embellishments

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