Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Altered items

I participated in a secret sister swap where we had to make an altered item each month. These are some of the things I made/recieved.

I received this cute tin that came with a Starbux gift certificate.

I made a tag address book that had pictures and addresses of all our scrap friends.

I received this awesome mini journaling book that is all blinged and and ID tag for my luggage.

I made a lunch tin to hold handmade cards.

And lastly an altered starbux tumbler. Too hard to add embellishments to this.

Also received an altered "L" for my scraproom but I need to wait for daylight to get a better pic. This was such a fun swap, receiving handmade gifts is so much fun!

Benefits 1-in-48

GS102 is officially over and i hop right into another sketch class. This one is at nycscraps.com and it's called benefit One-in-48. We get a sketch every 48 hours and all the proceeds go to a great benefit....save the children charity.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Back from Vacation

I had to use up 2 days vacation to stay home with the kids since my MIL was in Florida for a funeral...but it certainly wasn't a vacation! The kids faught the entire day long and I was trying to clean the house and ended up getting nothing done. We went to Burger King on Monday cuz they wanted to play on the slide, I dropped off some of my pants at the dry cleaners, I got my hair colored a mahogony red (not too sure I like it), got the car washed, took the kids to Raytheon park, also took them to Watson park to ride the choo choo train, and Kenzie had a good day at school.

And my sister finally updated her blog with baby pics

These are the pictures from Cousin Annie's wedding...I'm still thinking of a title and how I can add it in the little space I have.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

More layouts & Sept TSR

Recieved my September TSR kit and I'm loving the Scenic Route the most. It was perfect for the GS102 sketch. Only a week left of classes.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I'm an Aunt!

Yahoo! My sister delivered a 6lb 12oz 19.5in Baby Koen Liem Lucas on 9/11. She didn't have quite the easy delivery that I had with both of my kids. My mom and I were anxiously waiting to hear a phone call from them all day and night but the little stinker finally made it out. I've only gotten a peak at the cutie through a picture message on my cell phone but I'm making plans to visit my nephew maybe this coming weekend.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Another week

Another layout from the GS102 class. My photos were too large to include much embellishment but it was fun to use these Fancy Pants transparency that my secret scrapbooking sister sent me.

Micah loves horses at the moment. It started out as a game to search for the horses as we drove the 8 hours home from Colorado a few months ago and now he searches for horses everywhere we go. On the way to grandma's house we pass 2 houses with horses and he loves it every time. At chuckie cheese, he rode this station at least 10 times. Kenzie is doing so much better in preschool. Last thursday when her uncle Don dropped her off was the first time she didn't cry...it was mainly because she's scared of him and he said he'd spank her if she did cry.

Since Micah can talk so much more than a few words now, it is just hilarious listening to the dialog between the two of them. Kenzie was wearing her princess tshirt and Micah was telling her it was a cake and she was telling him no, it is a princess crown.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day

Got Sketch 102 is up and running, this was sketch 1

We didn't go anywhere or do anything the whole weekend. Micah was sick on Saturday, he threw up all over the floor at BurgerKing and couldn't sleep very well for the last couple of days. I think his back teeth maybe coming in because he pokes his fingers in there and cries.

Kenzie is still having anxiety about preschool. Today was day 4 and she still crys when I drop her off. Cry is an understatment, screaming, kicking and grabbing onto my hands for dear life as I peel her off and hand her over to her teacher is more correctly stated. But when Lam picked her up from school the teacher did say it only lasted for 3 minutes and she was good after that...and if you ask her why she cried, she will deny it ever happening and tell you she loves school and had fun.

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