Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day

Got Sketch 102 is up and running, this was sketch 1

We didn't go anywhere or do anything the whole weekend. Micah was sick on Saturday, he threw up all over the floor at BurgerKing and couldn't sleep very well for the last couple of days. I think his back teeth maybe coming in because he pokes his fingers in there and cries.

Kenzie is still having anxiety about preschool. Today was day 4 and she still crys when I drop her off. Cry is an understatment, screaming, kicking and grabbing onto my hands for dear life as I peel her off and hand her over to her teacher is more correctly stated. But when Lam picked her up from school the teacher did say it only lasted for 3 minutes and she was good after that...and if you ask her why she cried, she will deny it ever happening and tell you she loves school and had fun.


Melissa said...

Totally cute page! I have a child like yours who cries whenever he notices I'm gone. It's heartbreaking, isn't it?

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