Sunday, December 30, 2007


Oh, we had a wonderful time in Texas, I am so glad we went. This is gonna be a long post cuz I haven't updated for so long. Wished I had pictures to add but LAM crashed my internet on my computer.

We left Sunday morning at 8:30am, the kids did pretty good in the 15 passenger van we rented considering they slept a lot and grandpa had the dvd for them. We had a bit of snow to travel thru getting out of Kansas and a little bit of traffic jam getting into Texas but the rest of the ride was pretty smooth, we arrived around 6:45pm and had supper at my Aunt Bac Houn's. All of the family was there, we watched a video recording of my cousin in a play. They had music playing and Micah was dancing and bopping and chasing my cousin Allison all around giving her kisses and she was kissing him right back, it was too cute!

Monday - Christmas Eve we had breakfast at my cousin Trinh's house then when to the asian market and around 1pm hit the road for galvaston's Moody Gardens. There we went to the acquarium and the kids loved it especially Micah. It was so fun to watch his face sooooo entranced with all the big fishes. He cried and pout everytime we had to walk on. After that we went to the imax to watch the polar express. The kids did pretty good sitting still for about half way thru the movie then I had to sit outside with them so they could run around. We had dinner at the same location, it was a buffet and my poor mom had the worst experience. I missed the whole thing because I took Micah to the bathroom to wash his hands but heard the story when I got back.

Our waitress evidently spilled hot tea down my mom's back and didn't apoligize, she actually kinda laughed it off and kept pushing her way towards the table. I'm not talking about getting a little water on you, I'm talking about scalding hot tea that could have left blisters and my mom was in pain. We asked to speak to a manager and all he could say was I'll take care of it. He obviously didn't think it was proper to make the waitress come in apoligize or do anything at the moment. We made the security guy write up a report but I was very disappointed and angry at their response. Mom is okay but really! That waitress needs to be repremanded, when my cousin asked her to say sorry, she just huffed and puffed and walked off. It's making me angry just thinking about it!

After that a couple of us went thru the rainforest cafe but it was too dark to really see anything and we met up with everyone at the ice skating rink. We took family pictures next to this huge gigantic pointsetta tree. While we were waiting for everyone to regroup, I took Kenzie to the gift store and she picked out an ornament for her Daddy. She was so excited about it. The first thing she said when she called him on the phone was "I buy you something daddy"

Tue- Christmas Day
We went to the 9:00 mass which went pretty quickly. Then Kim,Ryan,Chi Trinh, and Ma went on a motorcycle ride so it was just me and 5 kids at the house. When they got back we headed to the seafood buffet. Came back to Chi Trinh's house and had supper and finally opened gifts around 8:00pm. This is the latest I"ve ever opened presents on christmas. The kids got tons of toys, I was surprised I got a couple of gifts, a Tommy shirt, calendar, and picture coasters from my cousins. We didn't go to bed until after 10pm. The kids were wiped out every night.

Wed-Shopping Day
We went to IKEA, I just love love browsing through all the showrooms. I wished there was one closer to Wichita. I would love to redecorate my whole house. I only spent $10 there because I had the kids and couldn't browse as freely. (nothing really fun, just a trashcan, dustpan, rod, and dishtowels that were cheap) My sister on the other hand went crazy and purchased a whole king sized bedroom. Our van was stuffed to the rim by the time we got everything packed in. After IKEA we went home for a bit to exchange cars. Went back to the Katy Mills mall so Mom could exchange the shoes she got for Bac Houn. The mall was huge and trying to carry a 30lb kid in one arm and holding Kenzie's hand in the other walking like 2 miles around looking for the Footlocker when we when the wrong direction was very tiring. Mom took care of the kids so I did get to shop at the Ann Taylor outlet, I got myself one work outfit. Then Chi Trinh made a special stop for me at.....Archivers. I was in heaven so many stuff there! I was looking for 2 things in particular some of the new thickers and the MM noteworthy line. I asked the cashier and she claimed they didn't carry either. It's a good thing I browsed the entire store because I found both and then some! They had lots of paper marked down 25-50% off so I just loaded my basket. When I went to check out, my cousin, very sneaky, stuck her credit card in and paid for my purchase. Nothing sweeter than free Scrapbooking supplies! I felt bad for going overboard though, her son got an alphabet stamp and ink and the rest of the $100 was all mine :)

Dinner that night was at Chi Houngs. I love my aunt but her daugher is just annoying! Anh Ma called kenzie "baby" and she responded, I'm not a BABY!

Thur-We hit the road early and made it home before 6pm. It was Ryan's birthday so we all celebrated at the world buffet and invited Bac Khoa's family too.

Fri - I did laundry all day and just hung out at home except for a trip to the PO and Lowes.

Sat-Dinner at Anh Viet's to celebrate yen's 4th Birthday

Sun - went to 11:30 mass which is very late for us, had lunch at Bac Khoa's. Was going to use up our movie passes which will expire tomorrow...the kids wanted to see Alvin and the chipmunks but we didn't make it in time.

Mon - New year's Eve - my only plans is to scrapbook. There are some games online at TSR I'm hoping to participate in but Lam says he may be going to Kansas City to drop off his uncle so if I have both kids again, I won't get much accomplished.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Last Minute

I did not think I'd still be shopping 4 days until Christmas, 2 days until we head out for Houston but tonight I"m making a stop for a few more gifts. Lam wants this 145 piece Mechanic's tool set from Sears which is on sale for half price and I've finally figured out what to get my Dad, a GPS but can't find one for a good deal. They were having a great sale at Cabelas but for overnight express, it had to be purchased by 11:30 and I couldn't get the promotion code in time for that. Plus the wii game we got for Phoma, he already has so we need to exchange that at ToysRUs and I've got to also exchange some books from Sam's club but I'll do that tomorrow while I pick up the photos. much to do yet!

Tues at Micah's dr. appt, he rec'd his 4 shots, cried for just a short period. He's weighing in at 27 lbs -- 80% weight, 75% height, and 80% head cir. He really grew some because the last time he was only 50% height. They also found some fluid in his left ear which is opposite from the one he had an ear infection in so I'm praying it won't get worse.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Santa Pics

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Gift of Giving

I slaved over 6 tubs of chocolate last night. Made chocolate dipped pretzels and strawberries for everyone at work. 17 dishes total. It's all about presentation to make then look appatizing. I was going to just put them into ziplock bags then a brown paper lunch bag with a cute xmas tag but since the kids didn't go to sleep until past 11pm, I went the easy route and bought xmas plates from Dillons and wrapped it up with syran wrap. I did spend time arranging the pretzels around the strawberries altering the white and milk chocolate.

I finally rec'd my Scarlet Lime kit in the mail yesterday. So many embellishments, I can't wait for a day where I can just sit down and play. My tsr friend Kim sent me a package full of handmade cards, it was so unexpected and thoughtful. I love receiving "just because" gifts.

Today is Micah's 14 month check up. I think he'll be hit with 4 doses of shots, my poor baby. It's always harder on me than it is on them. Only 4 more days until we leave for Houston!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Altered Bandaid Tins

I made them over the weekend. The kids went to see two different Santas. I'm glad we went to Cessna Activity Center this year because their Santa and Misses Claus look much more real life than good ole JH at BKD's skating party. I was very surprised that Kenzie was not one bit scared this year. She sat on Santa's lap and even said cheese really loud. On the other hand, Micah was scared out of his wits. Guess they all go thru that stage.

Friday, December 14, 2007


I got an invitation to my friend Dawn's baby shower a couple weeks ago. I misplaced the invite but could have sworn it was for tonight. I have the gift wrapped and ready to go. My plans were to pick up Kenzie right after work and take her with me. I called to verify the time and guess what?.....the shower was yesterday! I blame it on the 50 things I have going on right now.

I've been going through spurts of loving this time of year and hating this time of year. I get excited for the kids when I'm getting them presents and they see it's for them but waiting in line, parking, feeling overwelmed with a long to do just brings out the not so sweet side of me. I have my parents yet to shop for then I am officially done shopping.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Got more presents bought and wrapped tonight. My list is getting narrower.

Fontwerks from TSR's December kit.

I wanted really bad to learn how to add fairy wings using brushes in PSE but never figured it out so these rub-ons were the next best thing and I got them on clearance sale at Scrapfunattic. I'd have to say this is my favorite layout of the year.

I won!

I won a free 1 year membership to just from posting on Debbie Hodges blog. I feel like a goofball idiot though because when I tried to register yesterday on that site, I couldn't find a place to enter my promo code. I know I shouldn't have entered my CC info but I went ahead and did it and was hoping the next screen I entered would have a place for it but nope! I got my self charged and had to contact the CS for correction. I was very fortunate they were so nice and helpful about refunding my $20 charge but they did take the time to tell me that I should NEVER give out my credit card information on-line unless 1) It's a site I trust and 2) I'm prepared to make the purchase. Lesson learned! I have done a lot of on-line purchases lately and I need to be more cautious with my info.

Debbie is such a NICE person! I took her class "Scrap your Events" last month at NYCScraps and she is ever so helpful and talented.

Makenzie is in her learning growth spurt. She takes in everything you tell her. She asks why and what everyday. Lam and I were talking to ourselves this morning on the ride to grandmas and she evesdrops the entire conversations, asking "what are you saying momma, and why do you say that and who are you talking about?."

Micah says his same few words, Pay- (play the tv), Momma, uh uh- (no), and More-(feed me)

I've been battling acne this week. I thought I was too old for this stuff but it started out on Friday, I got 2 big zits on my cheek and one under my eye. I was so big and red my dad even commented what happened to your face. So on Sunday I bought this new 3 step face wash from Targets that says it's better than proactive. Proactive never worked for me but I'm trying this new thing out. It's day 3 and it's still visible but w/ the makeup I have on that I never wear it at least covers it up.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Deeper Look

at MYself. If I were to die right now.... this very moment...would I be proud of myself? With who I am and how I acted today? No...sadly no. As we were carpooling to work this morning, I was arguing with Lam over christmas shopping. We were actually in a shouting match where he had the last words...we still had about 10 minutes to go and neither of us said a single thing for the rest of the ride. I brought the subject up about what to get his nephews. They want games for the Wii and PS and he told me to hold off on buying it a week ago when I asked him. Well, there are only 13 days left so I told him this morning he better decide quickly and if I wait on him, nothing will ever get done. And he replys, I thought you already got it for them. Then I go on to mention how he never helps me w/ any of the shopping and I don't have time to do it all by myself AND take care of both kids. Then he shouts back I had all day on Black Friday, which is complete balony but I won't recount the entire discussion.

I just realized I haven't been too nice to him lately or much of all year. I guess I expect more of his role of husband and father and I'm still bitter over the fact he's decided not to spend xmas w/ us. I get mad at him on a daily basis because he's always just sitting there on his ass watching tv and not lending me a hand.

But I am wrong. He does help out in his little ways. He did help me finish folding the laundry on Sunday. He does help me put Makenzie to bed since she likes sleeping w/ her daddy lately. He did wash the dishes once this week or once this month. So, here is my promise to be a better person for the next 12 days before Christmas.

1) To not yell at him
2) To spend time with the kids and not make a fuss about doing it on my own
3) To spend what little time I have when they are in bed with him instead of wanting to go to my scraproom.

Twelve DAYs...I can do it.

Monday, December 10, 2007


We just had a fire drill at work and they made us go outside. Of all the days, it's freezing rain and 28 degrees outside! No real danger so I'm back in my office sipping on some hot chocolate to warm myself up.

I've got to remember to update my blog when I'm at home so I can add pictures. It's quite boring with all this jabbering I do quite so often. Kinda like reading a book with no pictures.

Saturday I took the kids to Sam's west for their old time vintage portrait taken. I only got to see the image of both of them together on the photographer's viewfinder but the kids were so darn cute in their outfits and Micah was in a good smiling mood so I'll probably end up dropping another load of mula when they show me the prints and I order more than the basic one pose for $20. I was up from 1-2am addressing my xmas cards so as soon as I get postage on them, these puppies can go out the door.

Nothing on tonight's agenda, I'm hoping my order from Linnecards comes in so I can mail off the package to my scrapbooking sister. Then I can finally post the album I did.

Kid update: I was laying in bed with the both of them last night. Micah crawls right next to Kenzie like his head has to be touching hers and pulls on her hair. Then she grabs a handful of his hair. Then he slaps her. Then she slaps him....and so it continues back and forth. I think in a way it's kinda heartwarming looking at the sibling love/hate relationship they share. :) Well, this is until one of them starts bawling which neither did. Kenzie got up and went looking for her dad and Micah got up and followed her right out the door. (I need to have the camera for these types of moments)

Friday, December 7, 2007

Handmade Gifts

I've been surfing blogs all morning and ran into two very cute cute handmade projects. One from . I love these little decorated boxes that holds resse pieces, the round circle ornament for pictures, and the little bags for homemade pretzels.

Another cute one are these holiday list books made my Heather aren't the little penguins too cute!!! I want to order that paper just for the penguin.

Last night Noc bought Kenzie a princess tub of popcorn.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Makin a LIst...

and checking it twice....I had such a great night last night. Both kids were in bed by 9pm. Micah slept the entire night since 7pm.. must be his antibiotics kicking in. Can you believe it?! I got so much time to myself. Was in my scraproom for two straight hours and still got a good nights rest. I made 15 christmas cards and even broke out my sewing machine for one of them. This $50 sewing machine I got from Walmart is so worth the money, I've always wanted to try sewing on my scrapbook pages and it isn't as hard as I thought. I had to break out the manual on how to thread a bobbin since I haven't done it in ages and Makenzie got tired of playing with me so she went to see her daddy and they head to bed while Mommy enjoyed her "Me" time. I am the worst card maker but these turned out pretty darn cute, scraplifted of course from the Papercrafts magazine but it was made using scraps on hand and everything matched pretty good. Now I"ve got to decide who I want to send these to that won't just pitch it in the trash. :)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

My first DIGI creation

It took me a total one hour to find the free download from shabby princess, pick out my photos, enhance my photos, and self taught my self how to use layers in PSE but I did it! Finished my christmas card today and it's all digital! (patting myself on the back...I thought it turned out pretty cute) Now off to Sam's to print out 50 copies so I can get these mailed out to all the relatives and check one item off my to do list.
On a side note, both Lam and I went to the eye doctor's today. I was in desparate need of new glasses. I had two pairs but somehow managed to lost both and haven't been wearing them or my contacts for the last 2 years but the nights keep getting darker and my eyes aren't getting any better. My right was diagnosed at -1.0 and my left at -1.5. Just learned something today from the doc. We can start taking our kids in as early as 3 years old to get their eyes checked. I did not know that! At least we have another 3 months before Kenzie needs to go in for her free checkup.

More Halloween

Finally finished scrappin my halloween pictures, now I've just got Thanksgiving before I take a million and one pictures for xmas. Christmas is my favorite holiday it makes it more special when you have little ones that gets all excited.
I have the hugest grin on my face right now....why you ask? I've got my first comment posted! Gosh and it's not even a complete stranger from the web but someone who's work I admire. :) How cool is that?

Monday, December 3, 2007

Only 22 days until...

Christmas! I am running out of time to do my xmas shopping. Did not even leave the house the entire weekend, we didn't even go to church on Sunday because the kids were still not well and I so want them to get better. They are at least sleeping better and we've got them on meds. Turns out from Friday's doctor appt that not only does Micah have an ear infection but so does Kenzie.

At least being sick made them tired, I was lucky on Saturday because they both took a long nap together, Micah from like 1:30 til 5:30pm and kenzie from 2pm to about the same time. I did a little of scrappin, did the laundry, finished dishes, and cleaned house. Warmed up the leftover pho and rice and moophoa for the kids and called it a day.

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