Sunday, December 30, 2007


Oh, we had a wonderful time in Texas, I am so glad we went. This is gonna be a long post cuz I haven't updated for so long. Wished I had pictures to add but LAM crashed my internet on my computer.

We left Sunday morning at 8:30am, the kids did pretty good in the 15 passenger van we rented considering they slept a lot and grandpa had the dvd for them. We had a bit of snow to travel thru getting out of Kansas and a little bit of traffic jam getting into Texas but the rest of the ride was pretty smooth, we arrived around 6:45pm and had supper at my Aunt Bac Houn's. All of the family was there, we watched a video recording of my cousin in a play. They had music playing and Micah was dancing and bopping and chasing my cousin Allison all around giving her kisses and she was kissing him right back, it was too cute!

Monday - Christmas Eve we had breakfast at my cousin Trinh's house then when to the asian market and around 1pm hit the road for galvaston's Moody Gardens. There we went to the acquarium and the kids loved it especially Micah. It was so fun to watch his face sooooo entranced with all the big fishes. He cried and pout everytime we had to walk on. After that we went to the imax to watch the polar express. The kids did pretty good sitting still for about half way thru the movie then I had to sit outside with them so they could run around. We had dinner at the same location, it was a buffet and my poor mom had the worst experience. I missed the whole thing because I took Micah to the bathroom to wash his hands but heard the story when I got back.

Our waitress evidently spilled hot tea down my mom's back and didn't apoligize, she actually kinda laughed it off and kept pushing her way towards the table. I'm not talking about getting a little water on you, I'm talking about scalding hot tea that could have left blisters and my mom was in pain. We asked to speak to a manager and all he could say was I'll take care of it. He obviously didn't think it was proper to make the waitress come in apoligize or do anything at the moment. We made the security guy write up a report but I was very disappointed and angry at their response. Mom is okay but really! That waitress needs to be repremanded, when my cousin asked her to say sorry, she just huffed and puffed and walked off. It's making me angry just thinking about it!

After that a couple of us went thru the rainforest cafe but it was too dark to really see anything and we met up with everyone at the ice skating rink. We took family pictures next to this huge gigantic pointsetta tree. While we were waiting for everyone to regroup, I took Kenzie to the gift store and she picked out an ornament for her Daddy. She was so excited about it. The first thing she said when she called him on the phone was "I buy you something daddy"

Tue- Christmas Day
We went to the 9:00 mass which went pretty quickly. Then Kim,Ryan,Chi Trinh, and Ma went on a motorcycle ride so it was just me and 5 kids at the house. When they got back we headed to the seafood buffet. Came back to Chi Trinh's house and had supper and finally opened gifts around 8:00pm. This is the latest I"ve ever opened presents on christmas. The kids got tons of toys, I was surprised I got a couple of gifts, a Tommy shirt, calendar, and picture coasters from my cousins. We didn't go to bed until after 10pm. The kids were wiped out every night.

Wed-Shopping Day
We went to IKEA, I just love love browsing through all the showrooms. I wished there was one closer to Wichita. I would love to redecorate my whole house. I only spent $10 there because I had the kids and couldn't browse as freely. (nothing really fun, just a trashcan, dustpan, rod, and dishtowels that were cheap) My sister on the other hand went crazy and purchased a whole king sized bedroom. Our van was stuffed to the rim by the time we got everything packed in. After IKEA we went home for a bit to exchange cars. Went back to the Katy Mills mall so Mom could exchange the shoes she got for Bac Houn. The mall was huge and trying to carry a 30lb kid in one arm and holding Kenzie's hand in the other walking like 2 miles around looking for the Footlocker when we when the wrong direction was very tiring. Mom took care of the kids so I did get to shop at the Ann Taylor outlet, I got myself one work outfit. Then Chi Trinh made a special stop for me at.....Archivers. I was in heaven so many stuff there! I was looking for 2 things in particular some of the new thickers and the MM noteworthy line. I asked the cashier and she claimed they didn't carry either. It's a good thing I browsed the entire store because I found both and then some! They had lots of paper marked down 25-50% off so I just loaded my basket. When I went to check out, my cousin, very sneaky, stuck her credit card in and paid for my purchase. Nothing sweeter than free Scrapbooking supplies! I felt bad for going overboard though, her son got an alphabet stamp and ink and the rest of the $100 was all mine :)

Dinner that night was at Chi Houngs. I love my aunt but her daugher is just annoying! Anh Ma called kenzie "baby" and she responded, I'm not a BABY!

Thur-We hit the road early and made it home before 6pm. It was Ryan's birthday so we all celebrated at the world buffet and invited Bac Khoa's family too.

Fri - I did laundry all day and just hung out at home except for a trip to the PO and Lowes.

Sat-Dinner at Anh Viet's to celebrate yen's 4th Birthday

Sun - went to 11:30 mass which is very late for us, had lunch at Bac Khoa's. Was going to use up our movie passes which will expire tomorrow...the kids wanted to see Alvin and the chipmunks but we didn't make it in time.

Mon - New year's Eve - my only plans is to scrapbook. There are some games online at TSR I'm hoping to participate in but Lam says he may be going to Kansas City to drop off his uncle so if I have both kids again, I won't get much accomplished.


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