Thursday, December 6, 2007

Makin a LIst...

and checking it twice....I had such a great night last night. Both kids were in bed by 9pm. Micah slept the entire night since 7pm.. must be his antibiotics kicking in. Can you believe it?! I got so much time to myself. Was in my scraproom for two straight hours and still got a good nights rest. I made 15 christmas cards and even broke out my sewing machine for one of them. This $50 sewing machine I got from Walmart is so worth the money, I've always wanted to try sewing on my scrapbook pages and it isn't as hard as I thought. I had to break out the manual on how to thread a bobbin since I haven't done it in ages and Makenzie got tired of playing with me so she went to see her daddy and they head to bed while Mommy enjoyed her "Me" time. I am the worst card maker but these turned out pretty darn cute, scraplifted of course from the Papercrafts magazine but it was made using scraps on hand and everything matched pretty good. Now I"ve got to decide who I want to send these to that won't just pitch it in the trash. :)


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