Monday, December 3, 2007

Only 22 days until...

Christmas! I am running out of time to do my xmas shopping. Did not even leave the house the entire weekend, we didn't even go to church on Sunday because the kids were still not well and I so want them to get better. They are at least sleeping better and we've got them on meds. Turns out from Friday's doctor appt that not only does Micah have an ear infection but so does Kenzie.

At least being sick made them tired, I was lucky on Saturday because they both took a long nap together, Micah from like 1:30 til 5:30pm and kenzie from 2pm to about the same time. I did a little of scrappin, did the laundry, finished dishes, and cleaned house. Warmed up the leftover pho and rice and moophoa for the kids and called it a day.


elizabeth said...

love your layouts!!


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