Monday, December 10, 2007


We just had a fire drill at work and they made us go outside. Of all the days, it's freezing rain and 28 degrees outside! No real danger so I'm back in my office sipping on some hot chocolate to warm myself up.

I've got to remember to update my blog when I'm at home so I can add pictures. It's quite boring with all this jabbering I do quite so often. Kinda like reading a book with no pictures.

Saturday I took the kids to Sam's west for their old time vintage portrait taken. I only got to see the image of both of them together on the photographer's viewfinder but the kids were so darn cute in their outfits and Micah was in a good smiling mood so I'll probably end up dropping another load of mula when they show me the prints and I order more than the basic one pose for $20. I was up from 1-2am addressing my xmas cards so as soon as I get postage on them, these puppies can go out the door.

Nothing on tonight's agenda, I'm hoping my order from Linnecards comes in so I can mail off the package to my scrapbooking sister. Then I can finally post the album I did.

Kid update: I was laying in bed with the both of them last night. Micah crawls right next to Kenzie like his head has to be touching hers and pulls on her hair. Then she grabs a handful of his hair. Then he slaps her. Then she slaps him....and so it continues back and forth. I think in a way it's kinda heartwarming looking at the sibling love/hate relationship they share. :) Well, this is until one of them starts bawling which neither did. Kenzie got up and went looking for her dad and Micah got up and followed her right out the door. (I need to have the camera for these types of moments)


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