Tuesday, December 4, 2007

My first DIGI creation

It took me a total one hour to find the free download from shabby princess, pick out my photos, enhance my photos, and self taught my self how to use layers in PSE but I did it! Finished my christmas card today and it's all digital! (patting myself on the back...I thought it turned out pretty cute) Now off to Sam's to print out 50 copies so I can get these mailed out to all the relatives and check one item off my to do list.
On a side note, both Lam and I went to the eye doctor's today. I was in desparate need of new glasses. I had two pairs but somehow managed to lost both and haven't been wearing them or my contacts for the last 2 years but the nights keep getting darker and my eyes aren't getting any better. My right was diagnosed at -1.0 and my left at -1.5. Just learned something today from the doc. We can start taking our kids in as early as 3 years old to get their eyes checked. I did not know that! At least we have another 3 months before Kenzie needs to go in for her free checkup.


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