Thursday, December 20, 2007

Last Minute

I did not think I'd still be shopping 4 days until Christmas, 2 days until we head out for Houston but tonight I"m making a stop for a few more gifts. Lam wants this 145 piece Mechanic's tool set from Sears which is on sale for half price and I've finally figured out what to get my Dad, a GPS but can't find one for a good deal. They were having a great sale at Cabelas but for overnight express, it had to be purchased by 11:30 and I couldn't get the promotion code in time for that. Plus the wii game we got for Phoma, he already has so we need to exchange that at ToysRUs and I've got to also exchange some books from Sam's club but I'll do that tomorrow while I pick up the photos. much to do yet!

Tues at Micah's dr. appt, he rec'd his 4 shots, cried for just a short period. He's weighing in at 27 lbs -- 80% weight, 75% height, and 80% head cir. He really grew some because the last time he was only 50% height. They also found some fluid in his left ear which is opposite from the one he had an ear infection in so I'm praying it won't get worse.


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