Wednesday, May 28, 2008

PageMaps contest

This was the page I made for the pagemaps contest. Didn't get chosen, oh well, try again next year.

Last night we took the kids, my 3 nephews, and their cousin to the swimming pool even though it rained all day and was still cloudy at 7pm. The water was ice cold and their lips were turning purple but they still didn't want to go home. And after we got home and showered, they asked if I would take them again tomorrow so that's where I'll be again. Kenzie can actually reach the bottom of the 3ft pool area, when she stands on her tippy toes her chin is right above the water line. Micah doesn't like getting into the pool so much. It's funny, he LOVES to play with the garden hose and get's himself soaked, and likes to spray the water gun at himself in the face, and loves to find dirty water puddles in the gutter to splash in....yet won't get into the swimming pool.

The photography class I'm taking at wasn't supposed to start until next week but I found out there is a bonus Week 0 and actually started 2 days ago. Hopefully I'll be able to make it past Micah's 11:30pm bedtime to print out the assignment.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Weekend layouts

A couple layouts from Brenda Carpenter's class at TSR.
I've been linking my photos from my flickr account using the url code and the image is poor! I'll replace them all later.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

I won!

Just getting back from a weekend trip to KC and rec'd a phone message from Scrapfunattic (the coolest scrapbook store in Andover and all of Kansas), that I won the $100 gift certificate to their store! Boy was I pumped! They were having a be-lated special sale on Saturday in celebration of NSD. Thicker's were buy 1 get one 1/2 off, Bazzill were buy 10 get 5 free, there was a 20% coupon to use on any one product, and if you spent $50, you'd be entered into this drawing. I can't believe I won! Double the fun for me!

What did I get? I got two package of blue poolside thickers, 30 sheets of Brown & cream colored cardstock (I'm always running out of these two colors), and I used my coupon on this cutie... a Heidi Swapp Pink/Black polka dot rolling tote!

We went to KC because my brother Joe had a free hotel pass at Ameristar and the friends he had planned to go with bailed out on him. So Lam dropped him off when we got there and we took the kids to the Legends to do some shopping. We didn't do much shopping because toting a 3yr old and 1yr old around looking for clothing just isn't exciting for them and you end up spending your time chasing them down, running them to the bathroom, and getting nothing accomplished. I bought Kenzie a dress at Tommy's and Micah a shirt & swimtrunks at the Gap for 30% off, the only two places I ended up getting to go to. Micah wanted to play in the huge waterfountain, he got soaked & needed a change of clothing. Kenzie loved the T-rex restaurant and kept asking to go back to see the dinosaurs. After dinner & shopping we returned to the hotel and took the kids to the arcade to play. $30 later, they cashed in their 250 tickets to get 2 pushpops, 2 tops, and 2 dumdums.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

May Family Happenings

I had my first appt with the trainer at the gym yesterday. I wasn't getting much out of my 2 days/week kickboxing class so I'm going to try some cardio on the tread machine (yuck!) and eliptical and work in some weight lifting. I have a 6 week goal to slim down 10lbs. The trainer had me do a light routine to start off since I haven't done any weights for the last 3 yrs, mainly lunges, crunches, and a few arm presses. I am pretty sore today but it feels good.

Dad is at the auction this week so Lam is going to the carlot every evening after work. I need to finish up some gardening this week since I planted 3 more shrubs to go with the plant my mom got me for Mother's day.

Micah likes to take whatever Kenzie is playing with and he doesn't like to share until she doesn't want it any longer. Sometimes she crys and gets upsets and sometimes she's really good about letting him have it. Last night she said "brother take my paper and my book, he take everything of mine" this was the time she was okay with it...the other time she came running upstairs to tell me brother took her jump rope, and asked if I could get it back for her. Mom was downstairs with the kids and I could hear Kenzie from upstairs say "Brother, you're a meanie! I'm going to sit with grandma!"

Kenzie can now speak in 5 languages. Okay so Spanish doesn't really count if she just says Vaminos and some other Dora explorer sayings but she can sing in Chinese. I forget what the Kai Len Nick Jr song translate to but it's cute.

Micah is all boy, he loves to play with the garden hose, dirt and bugs. It's been getting hot outside so I take them to the park a lot. Lam and I have been thinking of getting them a large swingset from Sam's. We've just got to figure out how to level the backyard to make room for it.

Only 12 more days until my on-line Photography class with Karen Russell starts. I can not wait!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

More BG Sugared

I'm taking Brenda's Online class at TSR and really trying to stretch my layout kits. Using 3 pieces of PP, I've made 4 layouts and I'm working on the 5th one. Usually, 3 pages is my max and then I put my scraps in the never to be touched again pile.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sketch This!

Here's a layout I did with TSR's May Basic Grey Sugared Kit with a few added things from my stash and based on a sketch from Sketch This. They are doing a contest to celebrate their 50th sketch. The link is under my scrappy sites list on the right.

Friday, May 16, 2008

May/June Cardchicks

I"ve had a busy busy week both at work and at home. My daily snapshots is turning into weekly snapshots. Even though I have my camera on almost every day. The only scrappin I got done this week is to finish my cards for the cardchick swap I'm in.

This is Kenzie showing off her muscles, she likes to think she is strong :)

My little Tinky Winky

And the Cool Chicks on Mother's Day (I had to tickle Kenzie to get a good smile from her)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Album

Hope everyone had a Happy Mother's Day! I took the kids over to my mom's on Sunday and she was busy working (making cakes) for most of our visit. This year I made her an 8x8 mini album and she wanted a paper shreader.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Altered Card Tin


After gymnastics class on Tuesday, we dropped mom off at home. Kelvin & Mimi were there and this is what I saw you two doing.

I bought these flowers for the shower 2 weeks ago. They are about dead & ready to be pitched but wanted to get some photos first. Here's kenzie posing.

Little Menace the Micah, the stinker hasn't been sleeping very good this week! Up til 2am on Monday, 11pm the following night and it's 12am right now as I'm typing this & he's wide awake sitting on my lap.

Monday, May 5, 2008


Saturday was National Scrapbooking Day. Lam was in Vegas this whole weekend so I didn't get to scrap all day like I did last year but I did manage to complete this creative adventure album that was shown on Erin Lincoln's blog at CK when the kids were in bed. I didn't know about it until late Friday afternoon and had to search 3 different craft stores for the supplies. It did turn out pretty neat and I had fun with it. We had to pick out 5 action words and scrap the past, present, & future tense of it. My words were: hope, drive, create, worry, & celebrate.

Saturday night we went over to my good friend Karlee's house to celebrate her DH's birthday. I learned all about how to play in a nerdt's tournament. Only got to play one hand because the kids were running around but it was fun. Kenzie got along real good with the other little girls there. I saw her feeding Kadee's fish when I checked up on her.


I applied an eye poppin action to this photo, I like the effect.


Thursday, May 1, 2008

More Butterflies

A Cherie A sketch using the May kit from scraptivity. I added flowers, thickers, and transparency from my stash.

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