Monday, May 5, 2008


Saturday was National Scrapbooking Day. Lam was in Vegas this whole weekend so I didn't get to scrap all day like I did last year but I did manage to complete this creative adventure album that was shown on Erin Lincoln's blog at CK when the kids were in bed. I didn't know about it until late Friday afternoon and had to search 3 different craft stores for the supplies. It did turn out pretty neat and I had fun with it. We had to pick out 5 action words and scrap the past, present, & future tense of it. My words were: hope, drive, create, worry, & celebrate.

Saturday night we went over to my good friend Karlee's house to celebrate her DH's birthday. I learned all about how to play in a nerdt's tournament. Only got to play one hand because the kids were running around but it was fun. Kenzie got along real good with the other little girls there. I saw her feeding Kadee's fish when I checked up on her.


amberhelga said...

wow this book is the coolest ! i bet it took forever!

Stephanie said...

Wow Lan! I love your album! The color, design, everything! It's awesome!

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