Wednesday, May 28, 2008

PageMaps contest

This was the page I made for the pagemaps contest. Didn't get chosen, oh well, try again next year.

Last night we took the kids, my 3 nephews, and their cousin to the swimming pool even though it rained all day and was still cloudy at 7pm. The water was ice cold and their lips were turning purple but they still didn't want to go home. And after we got home and showered, they asked if I would take them again tomorrow so that's where I'll be again. Kenzie can actually reach the bottom of the 3ft pool area, when she stands on her tippy toes her chin is right above the water line. Micah doesn't like getting into the pool so much. It's funny, he LOVES to play with the garden hose and get's himself soaked, and likes to spray the water gun at himself in the face, and loves to find dirty water puddles in the gutter to splash in....yet won't get into the swimming pool.

The photography class I'm taking at wasn't supposed to start until next week but I found out there is a bonus Week 0 and actually started 2 days ago. Hopefully I'll be able to make it past Micah's 11:30pm bedtime to print out the assignment.


amberhelga said...

your little boy and my little girl would have so much fun together! she is the same way but she loves to spray the other kids and them not get her!

gab423 said...

I love how your lo turned fact, I love all your pages!

Karin said...

Hey Lan, ok so I know I've been really bad about not getting ahold of you while I'm in town. But I leave tomorrow to drive down to OKC and will be back on Sat. Do you think you'll be around next Saturday? I will be leaving next Sunday to head back to WY.

Amy said...

Thanks for your kind comment on my blog. I hope you are enjoying Karen's class. Isn't it great?

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