Tuesday, May 20, 2008

May Family Happenings

I had my first appt with the trainer at the gym yesterday. I wasn't getting much out of my 2 days/week kickboxing class so I'm going to try some cardio on the tread machine (yuck!) and eliptical and work in some weight lifting. I have a 6 week goal to slim down 10lbs. The trainer had me do a light routine to start off since I haven't done any weights for the last 3 yrs, mainly lunges, crunches, and a few arm presses. I am pretty sore today but it feels good.

Dad is at the auction this week so Lam is going to the carlot every evening after work. I need to finish up some gardening this week since I planted 3 more shrubs to go with the plant my mom got me for Mother's day.

Micah likes to take whatever Kenzie is playing with and he doesn't like to share until she doesn't want it any longer. Sometimes she crys and gets upsets and sometimes she's really good about letting him have it. Last night she said "brother take my paper and my book, he take everything of mine" this was the time she was okay with it...the other time she came running upstairs to tell me brother took her jump rope, and asked if I could get it back for her. Mom was downstairs with the kids and I could hear Kenzie from upstairs say "Brother, you're a meanie! I'm going to sit with grandma!"

Kenzie can now speak in 5 languages. Okay so Spanish doesn't really count if she just says Vaminos and some other Dora explorer sayings but she can sing in Chinese. I forget what the Kai Len Nick Jr song translate to but it's cute.

Micah is all boy, he loves to play with the garden hose, dirt and bugs. It's been getting hot outside so I take them to the park a lot. Lam and I have been thinking of getting them a large swingset from Sam's. We've just got to figure out how to level the backyard to make room for it.

Only 12 more days until my on-line Photography class with Karen Russell starts. I can not wait!


Jana Eubank said...

Oooo! So jealous you're taking the Karen Russell class! Have fun with that! :)

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