Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I won!

I won a free 1 year membership to just from posting on Debbie Hodges blog. I feel like a goofball idiot though because when I tried to register yesterday on that site, I couldn't find a place to enter my promo code. I know I shouldn't have entered my CC info but I went ahead and did it and was hoping the next screen I entered would have a place for it but nope! I got my self charged and had to contact the CS for correction. I was very fortunate they were so nice and helpful about refunding my $20 charge but they did take the time to tell me that I should NEVER give out my credit card information on-line unless 1) It's a site I trust and 2) I'm prepared to make the purchase. Lesson learned! I have done a lot of on-line purchases lately and I need to be more cautious with my info.

Debbie is such a NICE person! I took her class "Scrap your Events" last month at NYCScraps and she is ever so helpful and talented.

Makenzie is in her learning growth spurt. She takes in everything you tell her. She asks why and what everyday. Lam and I were talking to ourselves this morning on the ride to grandmas and she evesdrops the entire conversations, asking "what are you saying momma, and why do you say that and who are you talking about?."

Micah says his same few words, Pay- (play the tv), Momma, uh uh- (no), and More-(feed me)

I've been battling acne this week. I thought I was too old for this stuff but it started out on Friday, I got 2 big zits on my cheek and one under my eye. I was so big and red my dad even commented what happened to your face. So on Sunday I bought this new 3 step face wash from Targets that says it's better than proactive. Proactive never worked for me but I'm trying this new thing out. It's day 3 and it's still visible but w/ the makeup I have on that I never wear it at least covers it up.


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