Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Back from Vacation

I had to use up 2 days vacation to stay home with the kids since my MIL was in Florida for a funeral...but it certainly wasn't a vacation! The kids faught the entire day long and I was trying to clean the house and ended up getting nothing done. We went to Burger King on Monday cuz they wanted to play on the slide, I dropped off some of my pants at the dry cleaners, I got my hair colored a mahogony red (not too sure I like it), got the car washed, took the kids to Raytheon park, also took them to Watson park to ride the choo choo train, and Kenzie had a good day at school.

And my sister finally updated her blog with baby pics

These are the pictures from Cousin Annie's wedding...I'm still thinking of a title and how I can add it in the little space I have.


Jana Eubank said...

Such cute photos! And what a great 2-pager . . . I always struggle with those for some reason. :D

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