Monday, September 8, 2008

Another week

Another layout from the GS102 class. My photos were too large to include much embellishment but it was fun to use these Fancy Pants transparency that my secret scrapbooking sister sent me.

Micah loves horses at the moment. It started out as a game to search for the horses as we drove the 8 hours home from Colorado a few months ago and now he searches for horses everywhere we go. On the way to grandma's house we pass 2 houses with horses and he loves it every time. At chuckie cheese, he rode this station at least 10 times. Kenzie is doing so much better in preschool. Last thursday when her uncle Don dropped her off was the first time she didn't was mainly because she's scared of him and he said he'd spank her if she did cry.

Since Micah can talk so much more than a few words now, it is just hilarious listening to the dialog between the two of them. Kenzie was wearing her princess tshirt and Micah was telling her it was a cake and she was telling him no, it is a princess crown.


amberhelga said...

my dd loves horses to! I love the layouts you are making from the class and glad to hear your dd is doing better. I think it's harder for us then them . to see them hurt . hurts us. kids!

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