Friday, January 15, 2010

Super cute Pillows

Yay! A three day weekend coming up! Kenzie has a birthday party to go to on Sunday. This will be the 3rd party she's been invited to from her preschool friends. She always mentions this girl and tells me she's her best friend along with two other people but when she wasn't listening the other day I pulled out the mommy stern voice and said, "If you don't go take a shower right now, you are NOT going to Gianna's party on Sunday!" and she replys to me in her sassy voice..."well, I don't care, I don't like her, she doesn't even talk to me anymore" LOL, man you just can't win. She even told me she wasn't going to time out unless I carried her to her room.

She usually is my good little helper especially with Paxton, she will watch him for me and play with him all the time. She goo goos and ga gas baby talk to him and he just thinks it's hilarious and laugh at her. Last night we got started on decorating her valentines box that she will bring to school.

And on the crafty agenda for this weekend besides getting started on my layout assignments for the scrap-room is to make these felt pillows.

A friend linked me up to this site:
Purl Bee. I've been searching all over the stores for some throw pillows for our couch and haven't found anything I like. I'm in love with these though so I hope they turn out how I'm envisioning it. Will report back. Chiao


eNVe said...

those are awesome pillows! can you make me some too? ;P

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