Tuesday, January 26, 2010


What I thought would be a two day project turned into a 2 week project. Well, that's what happens when you have only 15 minute increments to work. These felt pillows turned out cute, my nephew even wanted me to make him one. The instructions were found at the purlbee. I chose these colors so that they could go with any of my furniture pieces.

1) My master bedroom

2) Sitting area

3) or Sofa sectional

and a closer look...

The cost in material was even a bargain. I lucked out and got most of it all on sale. I made 4 separate trips to the store though cuz I wasn't sure how much I needed. And I was going to cover existing pillows but they were too big in size.

1/2 yard red felt - $3.00 regular price @ HL
1/2 yard creme felt - $1.25 used 50% coupon at JoAnn's
1/2 yard dark brown felt - $1.25 with coupon
1/2 yard white muslin - .75 with coupon
1/2 yard tan felt - $2.25 on sale 30% off
1 box of stuffing - $9.00 reg price at walmart with enough for 6 pillows
Total price coming to $17.50, so only $5.83 each.


klucas said...

ooh... Can I place my order?

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