Friday, October 3, 2008

2 & 3

With Micah having his official birthday this week we now have a house filled with 2 and 3 year old. The party isn't until this Sunday so no new pictures to share yet. Kenzie had her very first dentist appointment on Wednesday. She was a great trooper, I didn't know if she would be scared or not but she sat very still and cooperated the entire time. I had to leave the room when they xrayed her and was stuck in the toy room with Micah during her whole cleaning and it didn't even bother her. But the bad news is she has to go back for 3 fillings. We are totally at fault since I don't reinforce brushing and flossing every night and we let her have too much candy. At least I know to start doing better now.

Yesterday at preschool she got to be leader of the day. She was so super excited. She got to bring a show n tell, bring and pass out snacks for all 16 students, and I guess be first in line. For snacks she brought pretzel sticks dunk'ems and for her show n tell she brought her big pink dinosaur that we got her at the TREX build a dino at KC last weekend. The teacher gave her a beaded bracelet and she was so happy to show it off. I'm just so glad she's finally enjoying school.

Micah is just Micah. I still have to wrestle with the boy after each bath. As soon as I towel him dry and place him down he starts sprinting off into the living room making me hunt him down to put his diaper & clothes on. He loves to repeat the phrase "You naked! Ewwww!" It was cute & funny at home but not so funny when he says it in public at the grocery store when there's noone that is.


amberhelga said...

i can't wait to see pics from the party! i love the naked thing!

HeidiQ said...

happy b-day Micah!! cute stories :)
yay for Kenzie...being brave at the dentist!!

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