Thursday, October 9, 2008

Micah's Birthday

It was all about the cake, this boy LOVES his grandma's homebaked cakes. Actually he just likes the whipped creme and strawberries. We had 32 people show up for his party of which 11 were kids. I had thomas the train goody bags that came with a conductor hat, whistle, hankerchief, thomas train tatoos, foam picture train to assemble, and a few candy treats. I love ordering things from Oriental much cheaper than in town. His Aunt Kim/Uncle Ryan got him a set of Thomas books and he loves for me to read it. He knows all the train's names. Just a few other presents, a construction set from uncle Joe, a formal suit and packages of diapers from Ba Khoa and the rest was about $500 in cash that is going straight into his college fund. We didn't get him anything...I ran out of time but it seems we spoil the kids too much when it isn't their birthday. So we'll just transfer more money into his savings account and he'll never know the difference since xmas is just around the corner.


amberhelga said...

look at those pictures . those are so great . he is so adorable.

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