Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Catfish and Applejack

I love October, I love the falling leaves, the cooler weather, and the Halloween excitement from the kids. Got my decorations up.

This is a drawing Makenzie drew of Mommy holding Paxton back in June...i have it on my list to scrapbook.

Makenzie had already learned to write her name this summer. I was very surprised when I saw her jotting it down on paper one evening because last year on all her classwork, the teacher always wrote her name for her. But now that she is in the 4yr old preschool, they make the kids write their own names. I feel kinda bad she has sooo many letters. This is what happens when there isn't enough room on the line for her.....(she writes her name perfectly fine when there is plenty of space)

We took the kids back to Apple Jack pumpkin patch this weekend. Micah loved laying in the corn box.

It was so windy and cold, we left Pax in the stroller under the shed most of the time..he sat there licking the zipper on his jacket.

Awwww...Makenzie's first soccer game went well. Out of 19 kids, only six showed up that night cuz it was so cold. So they played a game of 3 on 3...the catfish vs. the ballerinas. Kenzie was stuck on the team with 2 boys and when the coach asked them to pick a team name...any animal they wanted...the little boy on her team yelled "catfish!" She was so excited when she made a goal.

I haven't done much scrapbooking all month...just not enough time. This is a card from a challenge to start with a pre-made card and alter it up. I used the background polka dots from an old thank you card and turned it into this.


klucas said...

Ahh.. Kenzie's so smart. We miss them. Hopefully we'll see you guys next month.

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