Thursday, October 8, 2009

3 yr checkup

I took Micah to the pediatrician for his 3 year checkup yesterday. He hates to go to the doctor because he thinks it's the dentist and he did not have a very good visit the last time. I had to lie and say we're going to the pumpkin patch (which we did afterwards) He's weighing in at 38lbs, 97 percentile in weight and 90's in height so he's right on track the nurse says. He had to get undressed down to his undies and he did not like it. Whining the whole time to put his clothes back on. So nurse Wendy asks him a list of questions and this is response:

How old are you?
a: three (this was shocking since on his bday everyone was asking him the same thing and he argued and argued with them that he was turning two)

What color is mommy's shirt?
a: yellow (it was actually kinda orange but he got it right)

Who do you play with?
a: Mimi, Kelvin, Phoma, and Dara (left out his sister and baby brother but got the cousins correct)

What are you going to do at the pumpkin patch?
a: pick out a big big pumpkin for mama (he ended up picking the tinyest "green" pumpkin from the patch)

Photos to follow soon.


klucas said...

Micah's getting tall.... We took Koen in for his 1 yr a few weeks ago... 95% on his height and 15% on his weight. You'd think we don't feed the boy.

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