Thursday, November 8, 2007

M&M Update

Makenzie was a bad little girl yesterday. She is very protective of her toys at grandma's house. I don't know what the issue is but my little girl was aggressive and scratched Mimi (3yr old daughter of a close friend of my BIL) in the face over a simple toy. She and mimi are like best buds but if you're playing with her toy she'll come grab it from you, run off hiding it, then come back and be all peachy keen asking you to play.

Micah just learned how to clap. He is the cutest little thing. He saw them doing it on Barney and now when you tell him to clap, he'll have his chubby little fingers together. He also does the most adorable little bopping dance whenever there is music playing or you sing.

Kenzie can also sing the entire Alphabet minus the letters Y and Z. She gets confused because she thinks the "X" is an S so it goes like this.... "QRSTUVW...STUV now I know my....."

All these cute little things the kiddos are doing makes me want to get an iFlip. I just heard about this yesterday when Shell O from TSR posted a thread on it. We don't have a camcorder and I thought about it then decided against it because I know I would prefer to use my camera everywhere I go...but now I really want it so will probably order it this week.


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