Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Early present

Yahoo! I rec'd a super fun package in the mail last night. I saw the return address was from Amazon and thought that it was the preorder for Hillary's book but when I opened it up...It was the christmas gift that Kim and Ryan got us...the Flip video! I had so much fun playing and testing it out last night. The kids wanted to see the screen as soon as it was over shooting it. I didn't have any time to download it to the computer but after I learn how to, I'll post an example here. I was really bummed for a while because I thought I broke it. Was deleting some videos that the kids took and all of a sudden, the thing froze on me. Lam took the battery out and after we popped it back in, it was all good. The only down side I can see so far is it doesn't have a flash or lighting so if it is dark when you are shooting, you will not see anything on screen but other than that...this thing is SLICK!!! Thank you sis and bil, this was an awesome gift! Oh, and I love the pink carrying case too, perfect attachment for my purse. :)


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