Monday, November 19, 2007

Shopping List

Black Friday is this week! I've got to start my shopping list since I have zip, nada, zero christmas gifts purchased yet. Well, at least I know of two gifts to buy. My cousin's sons in Houston have a very detailed list so that one will be easy. And I just found out that Scrapfunattic is having an entire store 30% off sale from 8-9am so you know I will be there! I'm going to have fun shopping for my scrapbooking friends.

Scrapfriends (8):
1. Stacey
2. Stephanie
3. Mikey,HeidiQ, and Carlane
4. Nicole, my old roommate
5. Tami and Shell O, my wishlist sisters

My family (25):
1. Both parents
2. DH
3. Kenzie
4. Micah
5. 3 nephews
6. BIL and SIL
7. My sis
8. My brother
9. Cousins: Yen and Peter
10. Mimi & Kelvin?
11. Astrid and Anna?
12. Kaitlyn & her sis
13. Ann and Tina
14. Minh and Thien

Weekend Recap: Took Micah to doctor's on Saturday and they comfirmed he has an ear infection. Went to Mimi's b-day party then to Lam's friend Keo's house Saturday night. Sunday was all day laundry and at home with Micah. Nok took Kenzie to the bookstore and toystore, she got a Backyardigans book and some hair clips and her fingers and toes french manicured.


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