Monday, November 26, 2007

Post Thanksgiving

Where did the 4 day weekend go?

Thursday -had Thanksgiving lunch at mom & dad's then went to dinner at Ab & Koko's at 6pm

Friday-went Shopping at Walmart from 5am-7am, came home...fed the kids and got them ready
to go to grandmas. Then went shopping at Scrapfunattic from 8-9am for their 30% off sale. Got myself 4 idea books to read on the long car ride to HOuston for xmas break. Then came back home and started wrapping all the toys for the kids. Nephews called saying Kenzie wanted to go bowling w/ them so I went to the PO to mail Tami's gift and Catherine's gift then met them at Thunderbowl. Lam met us there later then I went to the some clothes for the kids at JC Pennys and Children's place. Then back home to start xmas decorating.

Saturday-Home all day til 3pm then dropped kids off at Nok's so I could scrapbook for a couple hours. I worked on some gifts for my secret santa at work. The kids were napping the entire time over there so I didn't feel too bad. Lam went to the casino w/ his mom.

Sunday - church, then took the kids to chuckie cheese with all the nephews. Lam finally put up our xmas lights in the afternoon and ran out of hooks so took the kids to Target to get some. Poor Micah was throwing up again yesterday.

And here we are at the start of a new week. I didn't get as many people bought for as I had hoped but I did make a dent on my list. So many things to do and never enough time!


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