Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I'm On-line

Well, since I spend enough time reading everyone else's life thought I'd go ahead and try this blogging thing for awhile. I've been trying to keep up with my weekly snapshots album that I started from TSR so it couldn't hurt to write it down here then transfer the happenings into my scrapbook pages later.

What's new with me? I'm currently reading Ali Edward's new Life Artist Book. I just love her philosophy of capturing life, creating art. None of my layouts resembles her style but I love how she focuses on the everyday moments. I look at the photos I take and they are just head shots of the kids. I need a new point of view, I need to get creative and tell more of my story.

I've been e-mailing back and forth w/ my sister Kim. We're planning on driving down to Houston with my parents to visit my aunt and cousins the week of Christmas. I'm very excited about it but really wished my husband would go with us. He's not too fond of having to go to church more than his weekly Sunday hour. We haven't gone on a vacation or out of town hardly at all since having kids so it'll be a nice getaway for me.

Last night I got suckered into buying a vacuum cleaner from a door to door salesman! I can't believe he talked me into it. Lam opened the door then told the young lady, you'll have to talk to my wife about these things. I was washing the dishes and whispered to him, just tell them NO! and I'm not here! But of course I go answer and they hooked me with their speel of getting a free carpet stain remover cleaning. We have SOOOO many stains in our carpets from the kids eating icecream. You could see the rainbow of little dots, big dots, and trail of dots from the kitchen to the living room if you looked really close. Anywhoo, I'm even too embarrassed to say how much I dropped for this vacumm but it's supposed to do all kinds of fancy things like wash and shampoo my carpet, clean my blinds and hard to reach places, unclop drains, brush out dust from keyboards....yada yada yada. During the demo, they showed me all the dust they removed from just the top of my couches and matresses and it was not a pretty site! Guess i'll go home tonight and shampoo the rest of the house to see how it really works.


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