Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sick,Sick, Sick!

Started out Monday night with Micah crying every half hour. Don't know if it is still from his ear infection, a tooth coming in because he keeps sticking his fingers in his mouth, or just the flu because he's been running a high fever but the boy could not sleep. So Lam and I both took the day off yesterday to be home with the kids. Everything he ate kept coming right back up. Kenzie just had a cough to start with but by the end of the day she was also throwing up and had a high fever. Phewey! I pray they get better because this is no fun!

We had lop over at mom's last night and Noc took Dara and Kenzie to ToysRUs. She came back with the Barbie Island DVD and a Uniqua doll. Micah kept wanting to play w/ it but she wouldn't share. I think the boy likes the color pink because he also prefers her Dora chair over his red lightning McQueen chair and her pink blanket over his blue one. I watched the DVd with her last night and really enjoyed it. That tells you how very little TV I get to watch. I could honestly say I only watch 1 hr the most out of a week or couple weeks even.

This morning Micah was crying from about 4am til 5:30am. Then I was wide awake once he finally fell asleep so I went downstairs to download some photos to Walgreens. Then Kenzie was crying for her momma. I can hear her tell her dad through the baby monitor "go away unca, I want my mommy" I don't know where she came up with the name but she's always calling brother and daddy "unca" or "ulsa" when they are bad. So Lam gets tired of her shouting back at him to go away and he tells her he's going to chucky cheese then and she can't go.

I ended up driving to work separate and dropping the kids off and this is the conversation we had in the car.

Kenzie: Where's daddy?
Mom: He's still in the house
Kenzie: He's going to chuckie cheeses?
Mom: (laughing) no honey, he was just kidding with you
Kenzie: He told me in the bathroom, he's going to chuckie cheese
Mom: no daddy's going to work today
Kenzie: He told me I no go, I cry, He noisy, I want my mommy
Mom: (just smiling and amazed at how much conversation she picked up when at the time she was just sitting on the chair observing) It's okay honey, I still love you
Kenzie: I love daddy and I love you.
Kenzie: I no cry no more. Look there's a yellow bus.
Mom: (chewing on a chocolate cookie for breakfast)
Kenzie: what's that? I want some

And so that starts off my day...


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