Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sick Day

Well, I was going to call in sick today to stay home with Micah because last night he had a fever of 103 and threw up all over me and was not feeling well the entire night but this morning as we were sitting on the couch at 7:30am helping Daddy get sister ready to go, Micah climbs off the couch pulls my finger and walks towards the back door to the garage. It points to it then trys to put his feet into Daddy's sneakers. So I guess he was feeling a little better so off to grandmas he goes. I'll be checking in on him all day from work, hoping he feels better.

Kenzie's famous most used quotes these days: "Oopsie Daisy" "Gat(what) the Heck" and "gootbeer" (rootbeer)

Each night she wants to go to the basement and turn on the stereo, I have an old tape stuck in there and mommy and she will hold hands jumping up and down then we race back and forth across the basement. That's my exercise for the day since I've been doing sooooo poorly going to the gym. Only went once last week and i skipped out again last night. Since Lam offered to pick the kids up, I went home and completed 2 layouts. I needed my ME time even though it was a short 1 hour.

Diet not going too well either. I had a bowl of cereal for dinner then at 10:00pm I got the munchies and sat there eating chips and salsa with Kenzie. This bulge is stuck with me for life!


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