Friday, January 11, 2008

Share the Meds

Sickness never seems to leave our house. Micah had a runny nose and was stuffed up all last night so he'd wake up crying nonstop. I just ate a big salad lunch at Logans so I am super sleepy from not only lack of sleep but a big stuffed tummy! And on top of that, I'm all congested too.

My friend Amy is getting married to Mike on 6/7/08! A true accountant for you! I offered to throw a bridal shower for her yesterday and rounded up two other friends to help me out. Showers are a lot of work but they are also fun.

No big plans this weekend. Since I'm not feeling too woopy, will probably stay home. Did take the christmas decor down yesterday. The kids just played in the storage room while I organized things. I need to find some plexiglass to replace the glass I broke. Man, I realzied I just ramble and ramble..... Oh, I'm excited to come home to a fresh clean home. Cleaning lady, thank you.


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