Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Micah's Words

My little boy is expanding his vocabulary daily. Last night his new word was "PURPLE". If you don't know... this is Kenzie's favorite color. They were eating these little jello packs purchased at the asian store and he would pick out the purple one and run to Makenzie and say Sister... purple, kenzie..... purple and give it to her. {how sweet}

Here is the extend of his vocabulary at 15 months
1) Uh Oh
2) Momma
3) Play
4) More
5) Sister
6) Elmo
7) Night Night
8) Snack
9) Bubble
10) Fishy
11) Kenzie
12) Purple
13) Milk
14) Daddy/Papa
15) Grandma/Grandpa (I haven't heard this one but was told he says it)


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