Monday, January 7, 2008


"REVIVE" I think that is my word for 2008. I am always finding myself tired & exhausted. I want to change that this year. Gotta find me ways to pick me up and put on a smile everyday.

Let's see what happened this weekend...Friday night there were a ton of little kids at grandmas house so Kenzie did not want to go home with us. She kept on saying not yet when we asked if she was ready to go so she slept there. When I went to pick her up Saturday afternoon she still didn't want to go home because Noc was planning to take all of the kids to see Alvin and the chipmonks.

So with Kenzie gone and Micah to bed early, I got some scrappin done Friday night. Saturday I took Micah with me to the mall to exchange a sweater for Lam. I wanted a nice coat but got a $35 leather (blue) jacket instead. (It was 70% off) While shopping, Micah spotted this little girl, she was probably 4 yrs old, he wanted down and walked right up to her....I swear he was wanting to kiss her or something just like he did to Allison a couple weeks ago. She was actually scared of him and went to her mom and he just kept chasing her.

Lam and I went out to eat at Cibolas. Our total bill for just the two of us was $100.86. Talk about fine dining, our gift certificate that a friend gave us was for $100 and neither of us brought along enough cash to tip so we gave the waitress our credit card for 86cents. She came back and told us her machine was giving her problems so we left a balance on the gift card and will be returning. This was our first time there and the food was yummy! We had fried calamari and lobster tails for appitizers and steaks for the main course. I was warned that they charge you for every little thing, like $7 for bottle water without telling you so I always asked if it came with the meal when they were asking me if I wanted a salad and what side dish. But I didn't think it would be $2 just for the baked potatoe topping. It was just the regular bacon,cheese, and onions. Oh well, it was a free dinner except for tip and the service was very good.

Sunday, kenzie was testing my patience. Lam left after church to work at the car lot and when Kenzie asked where her daddy was, she had a melt down. She wanted to go too and didn't want me to take her. It had to be her dad. This crying went on for 1 hour and 1/2 until he got back home to pick her up. She is totally a Daddy's Girl!


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