Monday, January 14, 2008

Funny Sayings

Kenzie surprised me last night as we were saying our prayers together.

I always start by asking her "What'd we forget to do?"
Then she'd reply: "Pray"

Usually it is just me reciting the easy prayer "Mary my mother, be near me this day, at work at home, at school and play." and she'd be sitting there nodding her head but last night I asked her to lead the prayer and she said the whole thing without any prompting too. When she was done, I said to her "I'm so proud of you!"

Then she said, now it's your turn Mommy. So i say it. Then when I finished she say "I'm so proud of you." Totally cracked me up!!!

We've also been telling her that when she starts school this fall, she can't suck thumb, she can't carry her blankie, she can't drink a bottle, and she can't pee her pants. So after her shower the other night she was dressing herself and I noticed she put on her PJ bottoms with no panties. I tell her, you forgot your underwear Kenzie. She replys "I don't wear underwear no more, I'm a big girl now, I go to school" (another good laugh)

Poor Micah had a few hard falls over the weekend. First he falls off the kitchen counter (yes, we are bad parents. I thought Lam had an eye on him and he thought I did but neither of us did) and hits his head. Then at target he fell out of the bottom shopping cart and hit his head again not to mention he is just clumsy and falls down all day long.


Jessica said...

your layouts are AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS!!!!! I'll definately be checking you out regularly!!!

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