Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Found it!

Have you ever lost something and spent time and time looking all over the house for it and it ends up somewhere obvious? I misplaced my badge for work and had to check into security for temporary access the last two days. I searched all over my car, all thru my coat pockets, thru both purses I've been using lately, my scrap bag, and my camera bag and couldn't find it. It's a $10 replacement fee and i was about to give up today and guess where it shows up? In the front pocket of the purse I've been carrying around. I really need to clear out all the receipts I have in it!

Micah is sick again. He's been getting up a LOT the last few nights. He's burning up and puked some. This boy can't stay healthy for more than 1 week straight.

My boss is turning 50 this Friday and we've been making plans all week. We're gonna fill up his truck with black balloons, replace his KU license tag with one that say's it's nifty to be fifty, bring wheelchair, canes, depends, and prunes as gag gifts. And I offered to make up posters to hang all around the building. I really wished I knew how to use Photoshop better.

I joined an exercise challenge. My goal is 30 minutes 4x a week. Kickboxing is tonight. Kenzie wanted to celebrate her b-day last night, (yes, even though it's not for another 6 weeks) so we baked a cake with green frosting, sang to her, and she blew out the candles. I"m so proud of myself for not having any cake. I'm giving up sweets for LENT. It is going to be harder than I think because I have it almost daily.


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