Thursday, February 28, 2008


I rec'd an email from the Canon repair store in Cali yesterday that was wonderful news! They are able to fix my broken lens and it's gonna be FREE of no charge! Yeah!!! Totally made my day. Actually two other good things topped it off, I received a $10 gift certificate to Pizza Hut just for participating in a group discussion at work and I weigh 2 lbs less than I thought I did when I had to take my wellness exam for work, simple pleasures huh? Now if I could get my kids to sleep earlier at night, that would be wonderful!

I ordered Kenzie's birthday decorations and party favors from Oriental Trading and was quite surprised at how much stuff came in the box! I usually just buy it at party city or Target the last few years but spent half the amount for twice as much ordering it on-line. She is getting so excited for her party but we're going to postpone it until Easter Sunday when Aunt Kim and Uncle Ryan can come home to celebrate.


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