Friday, February 22, 2008

Not my week

This just has NOT been my week.

1.) I'm in a prima essentials flower swap & my order did not arrive until the date they were due to the hostess so I was frantic about that all week

2.) My 50mm 1.8 camera lens broke. I think Kenzie may have stepped on it in the car the other day so I had to send it in, it's still under warranty but I have no high hopes of them fixing it for me & it was my favorite lens to use.

3.) Then I find out my camera flash is not working. I get the Error 5 which means something obstructed the built-in flash's automatic pop-up operation. I called Canon's support & they couldn't help me either. Good thing I purchased the 5 year warranty but I am so scared to ship my camera off to have it fixed. What am I going to do with no backup camera? I still have my old point & shoot but haven't used that in 4 years.

4.) I haven't slept good in days. Micah thinks it's funny to wake up at 1am and not go back to bed until 4am for the last two nights.

5.) After considering where to cut costs, we have to let the cleaning lady go. We hired her only a few months ago and it's been such a blessing for me. Working FT and taking care of two kids on my own on the weekends, I could never fit in time to clean the tubs and floors but now I'll really have to make time. (Maybe I could do it from 12 to 1am in the morning)

Well, that's it. Let's pray for a better week.


StampingRooster said...

Hope the kinks work out soon. I know how you must feel about the camera. I loaned my sister my new diggie for a week cuz she wanted to try it out. I went back to my old one. Very frustrating. Poor things was on its last legs. Display screen stopped working. I about paniced. I was so happy to get my baby back. If you go back to your 35mm for a few weeks, remember to get the negatives on CD. You can play with them at home and re-print enlargements, etc.

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