Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Just trying to jot down the things my kids have been saying lately, I need to keep a pen and paper handy because there's more than this but I forget already!

Micah @ 16.5 mos- Night night, pepi (pepsi), candy, Daddy (finally), boot boot (vacuum), bubble, light, molk (milk), juice

Kenzie- "I don't love brother, I want to throw him in the trashcan"; "Momma, why brother not talking to me?" ; "my nose no work momma, I can't breath", "Yucky tucky"

Scrappin - I finally got time to work on a layout last night sometime after 11pm. I finished my sketch #10 for scrap your everyday life at NYCscraps and then started digging into my FancyPants kit from the scrap-room. Hopefully my picture order from scrapbookpictures.com comes in the mail tonight so I can add them. Gosh I miss being able to print my photos from home, when Lam messed up the computer with his downloads, the print function on my PSE 5.0 is not letting me select quality print photos. Wish I was a computer guru to figure it out.


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