Monday, February 11, 2008

Got milk?

I didn't and it sure made one heck of a frustrating day for me. Yesterday I took the kids to mass with my parents. They were up since 7am and mass was 11am-12:15 so Micah was sooo ready for his nap. He was asking for milk while we were in church and I didn't have any. I just gave him some before we left the house and it was the last of the carton. Ong went out to the car and got him the juice and water but...nope. Only milk would do and he was crying so loud I had to leave in the middle of service. I drove hime to QT and realized that in my rush to get the kids ready this morning I left my purse at home so I called Lam to meet me at the gas station (he was at the carlot). We bought a small bottle of milk but he wouldn't take it out of his sippy cup either so there goes another crying spout. Lam bought him a tootsie roll sucker & that finally made him stop crying for a little so the only solution was for me to drive all the way back home to get the bottle then back to church for the new years celebration after mass. When he woke up from his short nap he was all happy again and dancing to the music. Kenzie was scared of the dragons but after I explained to her they were people dragons and it was just a costume she was okay...but still scared.

Aunt Kim and Uncle Ryan mailed their tax returns for me to file and gave us some t-shirts from their trip to New York. The kids got some huge pencils and Kenzie got her Tasha that she's been wanting since Christmas. We hung up the Ikea tubular mesh organizer and stuck each of the backyardigans into their own little sleeping spot.


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