Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I'm thankful for

Good health and the kids not being sick lately. Everyone at work and their dogs have been sick for the last few weeks and surprisingly, our family is bug free. That's just amazing considering the weeks and weeks of downtime we did have in the past few months.

Last night Micah gave another hollering in the car ride home. Do all kids go thru phases of hating to sit in their car seats or is it just mine? He will literally cry the entire 15 minute ride home, tears streaming down his face and body flung to the side as far as his seatbelt will allow.

His favortie things these days:
- playing with playdoh
- still loves the vacuum cleaner
- dum dums
- watching wiggles (where's jeff) and cailou
- love the wiggles DVD song "hot potato"
- running outdoors & throwing pebbles
- bubble baths & showers
- he loves to play with Kenzie, calls sister, sister all the time
- favorite color is actually pink
- they were fighting for the backyardigan's Tasha doll the other day
- loves his milk

Makenzie's favorites:
- playing hide & seek (count to 3 she tells me)
- loves eating her veggies
- loves to wear her sweaters with hoodies and front pockets
- thinks she's a big girl & wants to sit shotgun
- still needs her blankie
- talking more & more Laos
- loves sushi seaweed wraps


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