Thursday, February 7, 2008


Tet = Chinese New Years...which is today!

I am horrible at speaking Vietnamese even though I was born there and am getting worse and worse at it since I never speak it to anyone besides my parents and sometimes aunts and uncles. I'm like a one year foreign language student. I understand & speak just enough basics to get by. Since today is New Years we are supposed to call all the relatives and wish them well. I lost my cheat sheet, the one my mom wrote for me a couple years ago so thank goodness for GOOGLE and the world wide web! At least I know how to read vietnamese. Here is the greeting I used and hopefully it'll still be saved here for when I need to refer to it next year!

"Năm mới con chúc thanh cong, suc khoe, binh anh, nhat la hanh phuc trong nam moi va suot doi"

ban ;friend
gia dinh [pronounced "yah dinh"or "za dinh"]; family
va; and
thanh cong; success
suc khoe[ pronounced "su quair"]; health
binh anh; peace
nhat la; esspecially
hanh phuc; happyness
trong; within
nam moi; new year[ litterally -"year new"]
va suot doi; and throughout [their] lifes..


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