Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I'm sick mommy

This was the verse I heard a dozen times from like 1am til 4am. Here's a recap of my night:

8:30pm - Just got home, showered & I crashed in Micah's room with both kids
1:30am - Micah wakes up wanting milk, which wakes Kenzie up telling me she's sick and wants medicine (husband is still snoring away)
2:00am - Both kids still awake, Micah wants to go downstairs & play so we do
2:30am - Kenzie gets a stomach ache so we sit in the bathroom together for awhile
3:00am - Bring them back to bed & turn on the DVD player for them
3:30am - I fell asleep but apparently Micah was still up, he woke me up when the DVD was done telling me to "play, play" again.
4:00am - Kenzie wakes up crying that she's hot and sick (she is burning up) I bring her to our bed and she sleeps with Lam
6:30am - alarm rings and it's time to get ready for work

I'm really rethinking my long term goals of having a 3rd child someday.


Jessica said...

oh man, the joys of motherhood. ain't it grand? LOL. awesome LO's sista!

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